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by Karen

to Karen

I recently purchased your Story Starters book and what a blessing it has been! The children love this book and are now avid writers. I do not correct the grammatical and spelling errors in a single story, I just let them write and write and write. Then the child gets a chance to read their masterpiece in front of everyone and we all clap afterwards. It really is fun! If anyone has a reluctant writer, I highly suggest Story Starters as a way to motivate your child into an avid writer!


As I sit here compiling our interview I have been thinking how much I wanted to share with you our exciting news. Due to your Story Starters, and some God-given talent in my twelve year-old daughter, Hannah, Girlhood Home Companion has asked to print her story written purely from the inspiration of the picture found on page 433. They have also asked her to expand the second part to make it a series in two issues. I wanted to share the story with you because I thought it would encourage you. Your book has been so wonderful for our family and I am grateful you took the time to put it together.

--Warmly, Kate Kessler
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Karen Describes Her Book

Years ago I gave my girls a story starter. I was amazed at the results. They wrote in ways they had never written before. It was only when I gave my son a particularly exciting story starter that his creative writing, too, began to “take off.” Therefore I am happy to present you with the same kind of writing exercises in my new book. I sought to put the right ingredients into my story starters to inspire even the reluctant writer or the student who has experienced discouragement.

Why does a story starter work so well? Each story suspends the student in the middle of a predicament. He is then faced with the question “What happens next?” This is his cue to expand and embellish the story however he wants. He learns to write freely, with imagination and zest—and with far more boldness than he may be accustomed to.

The action-packed stories are especially appealing to boys. Thumb through the pages to choose whatever story catches your fancy. My large selection is meant to satisfy the varied interests of both boys and girls.

To spark even more curiosity, each story is illustrated with one or more engaging 19th-century pictures. The settings are sometimes intense, sometimes funny, sometimes sweetly domestic, but they always pose a challenge. Here is your child’s opportunity to rescue those in danger, comfort the sick, cheer the lonely, laugh with the ridiculous, tame the wild, and do battle for good. Awaken the dormant writer in your child with this lively approach to creative writing! Story Starters is a one-book-per-family, non-consumable, lavishly illustrated, multi-skill level, supplementary English course. Story Starters is a teachers resource for grades 4 through 12—with tips so younger siblings can participate. 460 pages.

Story Starters
  • One book per family
  • Non-consumable
  • Lavishly illustrated
  • Multi-skill level (grade 4-12)
  • Supplementary English course

Story Starters is a teachers resource designed to

  • Replace dry, dull writing with exciting writing
  • Invoke sympathy for characters and encourage writing with feeling
  • Expand a child's literary powers with the practice of narration
  • Develop a child's imagination with the embellishment of story plots
  • Stimulate reasoning powers with opportunity for problem-solving
  • Reawaken an interest in language arts
  • Uphold biblical virtues

This book took root and grew from the many pleasure and rewards I have found in teaching my children at home. The article "Exciting Writing" explains how I came upon this form of composition that I put to the test with my own children.

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